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Gazebo 9 - Ubuntu 18

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:47 am
by Reach_TexasA&M
Howdy from Texas A&M University!

We're working on a project with a 4 dof arm using X-series actuators, and one of the requirements is using Gazebo to show our arm movements in "real time."

Following instructions on the Github page, our machine is running Ubuntu 18 and we have installed ROS Melodic and Gazebo 9.
We are looking to run the simulation without ROS, but from what we understand we need to convert the HDRF file into a SDF file through ROS.

We cloned the four external packages (hebi_gazebo, hebi_desciption, hebi_cpp_api_ros, hebi_cpp_api_ros_examples) into our catkin workspace and attempted to build with catkin make.

After adding the line of code described in the instructions to the cmake file described, we are still unable to convert the .hrdf to .sdf.

Is there another source of instructions that we're missing? Or maybe some tips for getting this visualization to work?

Thank you!

Reach Systems