Hi! I'm Dave

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Hi! I'm Dave

Post by dave_rollinson » Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:46 pm

I'm Dave Rollinson. I'm one of the co-founders of HEBI and my technical contributions are primarily on mechanical design and controls.

We're supposed to talk about something interesting to get things going. So I want to talk about what I want HEBI's legacy to be as a company. Yup. It will probably come off as being a little sappy, but hear me out...

I came to Pittsburgh in 2002 for college and have stayed ever since. As I learned about the history of the city, I realized that Pittsburgh was basically the Silicon Valley of 120+ years ago. Many of the names of Pittsburgh companies and people from that period live on today: names like Heinz, Westinghouse, and of course Carnegie and Mellon ;-).

However, the dark side of that era can literally still be seen on the buildings around town that haven’t been scrubbed of their permanent layer of black soot. It can be found on the plaques in Homestead that mark where workers were killed for standing up for their basic human rights. During the Gilded Age, human beings were used as just an interchangeable component in the enormous machines that unleashed an unprecedented amount of output from the mills and factories that filled our region.

If HEBI is around and relevant a century from now that would be amazing. But no matter what, I want us to be remembered as a company that led the way, even if just briefly, into an era where things are now flipped - an era where machines are used to unleash an unprecedented amount output of human creativity, ingenuity, and work.

That's all I got. Rock on, and please wash your hands.
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