Howdy, I'm Colleen!

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Howdy, I'm Colleen!

Post by mr_colleen » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:40 am

Hi everyone, my name is Colleen, and I'm Not An Engineer at HEBI Robotics.

As Bob mentioned in his post, we wear many different hats. My hats are primarily the hats that Bob doesn't have room for--sales, order processing, shipping, and some basic accounting. I also help the mechanical engineers with inventory management, order tracking, and inspections. If you send a general inquiry to the website, I'm probably the one who answers!

I moved to Pittsburgh by way of Columbus, Ohio, by way of rural upstate New York about two years ago for my partner to pursue her PhD. I, like many others, instantly fell in love with the city. I enjoy how much history is here, and how that history is still visible today. Pittsburgh feels like a big city and a small town at once, and I've really enjoyed living here so far.

My knowledge of robotics is mostly limited to what I've learned from this crazy crew. I have a theater and art background (yeah, I know), but have always been intrigued by automation and technology. I've learned a ton since starting work here in early 2019, and can't wait to learn more.

If you need help with placing an order, or any logistical assistance, I'm your gal.

On a personal note, I love sci-fi and video games. This has come in handy during the quarantine situation many of us are experiencing at the moment!

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