Hi! I'm Curtis.

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Hi! I'm Curtis.

Post by curtis_layton » Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:34 pm

Hi Forum,

I am one of the founders of HEBI along with Dave, Matt, Florian and Howie. I grew up in Vermont and came to Pittsburgh in 2007 to go to Carnegie Mellon where I majored in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) with a focus on embedded systems. After graduating I had a brief stint at QinetiQ where I worked on some cool robots for explosive ordinance disposal. After less than a year I came back to CMU to work full time in Howie's Biorobotics lab, which is where HEBI would eventually spin out of.

I am currently the only electrical engineer at the company making me in charge of the PCB design of our actuators as well as the electrical system design of the robot kits. I also do a bit of low level firmware development and network management. And sometimes some mechanical design. And a bunch of other stuff. We are a small company and we all wear a lot of hats!

Fun fact: I am a proficient juggler, although I have not learned any new tricks in the last 15 years...
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