Hello -- I'm Matt

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Hello -- I'm Matt

Post by matt_tesch » Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:57 pm

Hey there! I'm Matt, one of the software engineers and a co-founder of HEBI.

On the company side, I help out with many of the software projects here. My main areas of focus are the code running on the actuators, the APIs (especially C/C++ and ROS), example code, and customer applications.

Personally, I was drawn to robotics for two reasons. First, I enjoy the interactive aspect of programming -- getting to see a complex system moving in the real world as a result of a few lines of code is fascinating! Second, I feel a drive towards assisting with or automating dull tasks so that we can spend more of our time focusing on creative tasks. I'm still dreaming of my "laundry robot"...

Outside of work, I enjoy playing and writing music, flying small airplanes, and raising a small child.

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