Status Light 6DOF Arm kit (with gripper)

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Status Light 6DOF Arm kit (with gripper)

Post by sgscales » Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:16 am

I have a A-2085-06G kit and the J2_shoulder will not stop blinking red. The winding temperature remains around 40C while the other modules are in the low 30sC. The only thing that makes it green is moving the joint's position against the damper (towards 0 rad). The temperature immediately goes down and the light blinks green. Letting it go to return to its upright position makes it blink red and the temperature rises. Thank you.
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Re: Status Light 6DOF Arm kit (with gripper)

Post by dave_rollinson » Fri Feb 05, 2021 1:51 pm

If the actuator status LED is blinking orange instead of red (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference), it could be that a joint position safety limit is set and the actuator is reaching that limit. That would also explain the slightly higher winding temperature. The red blinking would be a motor winding temperature limit, which is not what's happening in this case (the winding temperature limit is 155º C).

If you are still having issues are you able to send us a short log file of the actuator doing this, and a corresponding video? The easiest way is to use Scope to select J2_Shoulder and click "Start" in the Logs section of the Monitoring Tab. Even sending just the log file should help us figure out what's going on.

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