Hello from the University of Texas Nuclear Robotics Group!

Learn about the story of HEBI Robotics and the people who make it all happen
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Hello from the University of Texas Nuclear Robotics Group!

Post by MarkJennings » Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:31 pm

Hey there!

My name is Mark Jennings - I'm a Master's student at UT Austin. I actually research primarily with a different robot arm, but I am involved with a HEBI arm integration on the side right now. We have a custom 6DoF arm built in 2018 or so by a different student, Adam Pettinger. (He got his Master's and is now pursuing a PhD in the same lab!)

Our arm, affectionately name Herbie, was previously intended for use on an inspection bot in an exhaust tunnel for a nuclear facility. It was programmed to do inspections, move obstacles, and collect samples. However, that project is on hold and it is not yet radioactive :lol:

So I am upgrading the robot with the new HEBI ROS API, which I have found to be much more convenient than our previous efforts. We intend to put this robot on an oil & gas inspection robot so that the camera can get a better view of various gauges and readouts.

When I am not building robots, I like to run, hike/camp/backpack, and play disc golf. If there is not a global pandemic, I also like to play board games and ultimate frisbee.

See y'all around!
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