Hello from Daniel

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Hello from Daniel

Post by daniel_wright » Sun Apr 12, 2020 2:39 pm


I'm Daniel, one of the software engineers at HEBI. I've been lucky enough to have worked here for almost three years now.

I grew up about an hour south of Pittsburgh, near a town called Greensburg. I'm an alumni of the University of Pittsburgh, where I studied mathematics and computer engineering. I've learned the hard way how difficult and strange math is once you get to the theoretical level :)

My duties at work typically include developing and maintaining our core APIs for controlling our actuators. This typically means working on our ever growing C++ codebase. Consequently, this has led my skill set to encompass a broad range of concepts such as continuous integration (CI), system administration, networking protocols, and a very deep understanding of C++ and computer hardware architecture. I like to stay up to date on the news, libraries, features, etc in the software ecosystem which we all use on a daily basis, and I especially enjoy staying up to date with the latest versions of C++. I aspire to help make software development as easy as possible for languages which struggle with this, such as C++.

I became part of the robotics ecosystem mainly by chance while looking for a job out of school. The field is clearly math and software oriented, and I never originally thought I'd end up here. However, I made the right choice! Getting to deal with challenging mathematics problems in addition to systems software is the best.

Outside of work, my deepest passions mainly lie in reinforcing my software intuition through researching topics in HPC software and CPU design. I'm also a very sloppy woodworker and a former guitarist in a progressive rock band.

- Daniel
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